Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions In this section, users' frequently asked questions about how to buy Instagram followers and how the Instagram bot works are answered. These are questions and problems that you may encounter when using FollowerYab and the support team has answered them and addressed the problems. If you have a question or problem that you cannot find in the following list, please send your support questions in the user panel or contact form so that the FollowerYab support team be able to see it and provide an answer as soon as possible.

Instagram FollowerYab bot is guaranteed to attract real and active targeted followers for your Instagram account. Attract people to your Instagram account who determine what features exactly they need and what topics they are interested in. With these features, they finally decide whether your Instagram account is useful to them or not. If it is useful, they will follow you and your credit on the site will be deducted by getting a follower, otherwise you will not pay for people who do not follow you, you will pay the cost of using FollowerYab or the cost of the time during which you have used it. You won’t be charged from FollowerYab and you will only be deducted if you have attracted the followers you have been looking for. FollowerYab attracts real and active and targeted followers for your account theme from the pages you have designated. Attracting targeted followers in FollowerYab is based on following and liking people's posts from the target pages that you have specified, being followed by these people, or following them after the time you have set in the bot. FollowerYab also attracts real followers by visiting and viewing a lot of stories posted in your account. For more information about the functions of Instagram FollowerYab bot, read the help page on FollowerYab site or application.

It can take few hours to get free Instagram followers

Yes. The followers who are attracted to your Instagram accounts through Instagram FollowerYab bot, are completely and 100% real, active and targeted for your account theme, and you can apply the followers’ targeting in your user account settings. FollowerYab attracts real and active followers only for your account, users who follow you, those who choose and like your account at their own discretion, or those who follow your Instagram account according to their needs.

You can get 100 free Insagram followers every day. So you can come back after 24 hours or you can order followers.

FollowerYab is designed in such a way that guarantees increase in your targeted followers, and it certainly attracts the number of Instagram followers you bought for your account. Consequently, it helps you to promote your Instagram account and attract even more followers. So, by buying Instagram followers from FollowerYab , you won’t have limitations in terms of periods of use

FollowerYab is an intelligent bot which automatically performs advertising activities on behalf of your account. It follows users, likes their posts, and does all these tasks automatically, round the clock and according to your settings. The bot helps you to attract the followers that you want to find; for example, if you are looking for a male follower who is a fan of sports and lives in Tehran, the bot can find people with all these characteristics. In addition, FollowerYab offers you other services that you can use by joining FollowerYab.

No. Considering that you have interaction with these followers and they are determined real followers from a real country (e.g., Iran) and have chosen and followed you, it is unlikely that they will be deleted by Instagram. 

Because the best way to attract followers and increase your popularity and sales on Instagram is to use FollowerYab Instagram bot. It has several advantages over other methods: it can save your time and energy; it is cost-effective and it can be very practical.

In FollowerYab Instagram bot, the system of attracting real followers is based on following people from your designated pages and the follow-up of these people by their own decision. In this method, followers are not added to your account immediately and unrealistically; so, attracting followers is time consuming. The number of daily attracted followers by Instagram is limited, and if the bot and application are active and the user panel settings are correct, this number will be different for different pages. The number and time of attracting followers depends on several factors: the current number of followers of your Instagram account, the topic of the page, the number of posts, the page ID, personal or business utilization, an appropriate logo, an appropriate bio, attractive and high-quality content etc. But your proper settings in the user panel are also very important and with the right settings you can attract followers faster. Some of these important settings are: determining the number of at least 10 target pages with followers over 20 thousand, determining the appropriate target pages that are related to the page theme and the reality of the target pages. Proper setting for number of followers attracted by FollowerYab can be up to 1000 followers per month, but the number of followers your account will attract per month or the time it takes to attract the purchased followers depends on the aforementioned items. Note that sites that deliver followers immediately are fake follower bots.

FollowerYab attracts real and purposeful followers for your account theme from the pages you have specified. The targeted follower recruitment system in FollowerYab is based on following and liking people's posts from the target pages that you specify and the followings of these people after the time set in the bot. So, first, your follow-up page will increase to the limit you set, and after seeing your follow-up request by people and their follow-up, followers will be attracted. Due to the fact that these people are followed by Anfalot bot, the total number of your following page will not increase. FollowerYab Instagram bot also visits mass stories on your account, and through this, real followers are attracted to your Instagram account. Remember that attracting targeted and real followers is time consuming and followers will not be added to your account at once. To get more information about the working mechanism of the Instagram bot, read the bot help page on the site.

Yes. FollowerYab activity does not interrupt you when you are using your Instagram account.

Before registering a page in FollowerYab you must have at least 40 posts on your Instagram account, your account must have at least 400 followers, and as long as at least two months must have passed since it was created, so that Instagram does not recognize your account as unreal. Having contents on the page is also necessary to attract followers, because people do not follow pages that don’t have posts or new contents. You should also put a new post on your account at least once a week while the bot is working and do not follow people or like /unlike posts more than 10 times per day.

No. You only open the site to top up your accounts and pages and change the settings or view the activity statistics of your account. You do not have to maintain the site. Since 2020, FollowerYab auxiliary application needs to be installed on the user's phone and to work with this application you need internet, but there is no need to open the site or application to get followers.

No. The site deducts a charge from your account only when it has attracted the followers itself!

Yes. You can easily top up your account in your user control panel by using online payment and then you will be able to use it in order to increase followers for your account or Instagram accounts.

The FollowerYab application includes all the features of the FollowerYab site, such as buying Instagram followers, user panel, help, support, etc. By downloading the FollowerYab application, it is not necessary to visit the site. There is also a need to install a FollowerYab application to observe the activities and to increase the number of followers.

The charge purchased by you is allocated to the total credit of your account so that you can assign this credit to any page registered on the site. After purchasing the follower, it is necessary to assign the total charge credit to your desired page by using the “charge adjust button” in the user panel dashboard.

No. FollowerYab uses its smart system to unfollow the people it follows after a short time according to the settings that have been arranged, so the followings of your account will not go beyond the level you have specified.

When you go to the help page, you will get acquainted to how to work with the site. Tutorial settings in the Settings section are illustrated. You can also ask your questions directly by sending a support ticket in your control panel.

In your control panel, you can view and follow the bot activity statistics in the relevant tables, charts and lists to find out which important activities are operating.

By logging in to the account on the site or by logging in to the application and going to the "Activity Report" section or "Show Statistics" section.

The best way to increase your follower acquisition efficiency is to go to the Settings in the FollowerYab User Control Panel and check the absorption level of followers from the target pages you have been introduced to. You should know that the pages with red color have less than 5% of efficiency. Disable and hold the yellow and green pages and introduce new target pages to the bot, repeat this on a monthly basis. It is also very important to have a page with an appropriate ID, profile photo, bio and full descriptions, quality photos and interesting content as well as suitable and detailed captions. Regular posting and high-quality content will also increase the speed of getting followers. Remember that in order to increase the speed of follow-up, you should avoid following Anfal manually.

Yes. You do not need to create a FollowerYab account for every single Instagram accounts that you use. By registering into one account, you will be connected to several pages through the bot and even you will be able to divide the purchased followers among your accounts.

No. Under no circumstances should you do too much follows, likes or leaving comments when the Followeryab bot is active. All in all, you can follow each of the above in a normal way. For example, you can follow about 10 people during a day, leave comments for about 5 posts or like about 50 posts daily. In fact, you can have a normal activity, but you should not do this in large numbers to increase the speed of follower attracting or unfollowing people who follow the bot.

By logging in to your account and going to dashboard section and selecting the off button, the Instagram FollowerYab bot will stop.

Yes. First, register into the site and add your Instagram account or pages to your user panel and purchase a recharge for your account. After doing these, contact Support for settings.

Yes. You can increase or decrease the charge by editing the follower charge in each page with the "Charge Adjustment" button in your user dashboard. In order to transfer a follower charge to another page, you must reduce the original page charge and then transfer it from the total follower credit to another page.

Yes. There is a need for a page password, but it is only used to communicate directly with Instagram.

First, you have to log in to your account in FollowerYab and go to the Settings page. Then turn off the "Follow" button and write1000 in the "Maximum number of followers" box and then, select 0 in the "Minimum number of followers" box. After this process, the bot will stop following all people it followed. If you want your followings to be 0, in the Anfaloo section, select the Anfalou option from “all the followers”.

In case you have 7000 followings before using the FollowerYab, or if your following has reached 7000 after using FollowerYab or if you have gotten 7000 followers due to the wrong settings, you must go to your settings and activate the unfollow bot in the unfollow section. Choose all the followings of your account and set the maximum number of your followings to less than 7000 (for example 5000). It decreases the number of your followings into a number smaller than 7000 and the activity will resume.

No. It is not possible to cancel the order after purchasing it. Before finalizing your payment, you have to study all the explanations and conditions on the main pages, help, frequently asked questions and rules, and if there are any questions or ambiguities, first send a message through the support message in your user panel, and purchase the bot after receiving the answer.

Use the password forget option and the problem will be solved by the received email. However, if you type your email incorrectly during registration and you register with the wrong email, it is not possible to use this option. In this case, to solve the problem, please send a message in the contact section.

While working with the bot, you may face several problems. For example, your account may automatically block /follow followers, or it may automatically block likes, or maybe Instagram asks you to change the password. These problems may happen because you have registered in several Instagram bots or followers simultaneously, or maybe you have unfollowed people both manually and through the bot at the same time, or you probably have logged in to more than one device other than FollowerGet. To avoid such problems, first you have to read the frequently asked questions, rules and guidelines. You can also get help from the support section by sending a support ticket or you can go to the website and read about the working mechanism of the bot.

If your questions and their answers are not found on the site, help page or the current page, you can ask your questions and share your problems by sending a support ticket in your user control panel. FollowerYabsupport team is always by your side.